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At German Motorwerks we aim to provide fast, friendly and cost effective service for your Mini Cooper. With knowledgeable technicians on staff, we can provide everything from oil changes to high performance aftermarket modifications. Mini Coopers follow similar guidelines to that of BMW’s up to 2007 models. After 2007 Mini’s are condition based where the management system tells you which maintenance item or interval is due.

GMW recommends following Mini's maintenance requirements, using all quality parts and fluids. The exception to this is oil changes. We feel Mini stretches this service out too far. We advise changing the oil and filter at 5,000 mile intervals. This also gives us a chance to look your car over to avoid any unplanned failures that can happen with Mini stretching the maintenance schedule as far as 15,000 miles.

Mini Coopers have 3 types of service:

Oil Service
Inspection I (minor service)
Inspection II (major service)

Your Service interval display located in the center of the speedometer will notify you of which service type you need. Each time the vehicle is started the display will show the mileage until the next service is needed.

If the display is flashing and the mileage is displayed as a negative you have gone past the time of service and are overdue.

The services come in this order,

  • Oil service
  • Inspection I
  • Oil service
  • Inspection II
  • repeat
  • Inspection I is also known as a Minor service and Inspection II is also known as a Major service.
  • Inspection II includes most of the tasks from Inspection I with additional Inspection II tasks.


  • Oil and filter change w/ synthetic oil
  • Reset service interval display
  • Check and top off fluid levels
  • Check and adjust tire pressure 


- Inspection Level I : The MINI Inspection I Service is the smaller of the two inspection services recommended by BMW. It includes basically all of the items that assures safety and full functionality of your vehicle along with an engine air filter and oil change.

  • Oil and filter change with synthetic oil
  • Check transmission fluid for leaks
  • Change CVT (automatic transmission) fluid
  • Check CV joint boots for damage or leaks
  • Visually check fuel tank, fuel lines and connections for leaks
  • Check condition, position and mounting of exhaust system
  • Check struts and shock absorbers for leaks
  • Check front control arm bushings for damage or wear
  • Check power steering system for leaks. Check fluid level and add if necessary
  • Check steering rack and tie rods for tightness
  • Check condition of steering linkage and steering shaft joints
  • Check overall thickness of front and rear brake pads
  • Examine Brake disc surface 
  • Clean brake pad contact points in calipers 
  • Grease wheel centering hubs 
  • Check thickness of parking brake linings only when replacing rear brake pads 
  • Check operation of parking brake and adjust as necessary
  • Check parking brake actuator. Adjust if necessary
  • Check all tire pressures (including spare if equipped) and correct if necessary
  • Check condition of tire tread surface, tread wear pattern 
  • Read out on-board diagnostic (OBDII) fault codes
  • Check engine coolant system / heater hose connections for leaks
  • Check coolant level and antifreeze protection level. Add if necessary
  • Check windshield washer fluid level and antifreeze protection. Add if necessary
  • Check air conditioner for operation
  • Reset service interval display
  • Check battery state of charge

Check operation of:

  • Check lights
  • Check warning and indicator lights, check control
  • Check operation of horn, headlight dimmer and flasher switch
  • Check wipers and windshield washer system
  • Check aim of washer jets and adjust if necessary
  • Visually examine all airbag units for torn covers, obvious damage or attachment of decals, decorations, or accessories
  • Check central locking system
  • Check operation and condition of door, engine hood and rear hatch latches
  • Check heater, air-conditioner blower and rear defogger operation
  • Check operation of rear view mirrors

 Test drive and check:

  • Braking performance
  • Engine performance
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Heating
  • Air-conditioner operation
  • Manual transmission and clutch or automatic transmission operation


- Inspection Level II: This Service is the larger of the two Inspection Services and basically includes all of the items performed on the Inspection I Service along with engine air filter, cabin air filter and a more extensive multi-point inspection.

Additional recommended services:
  • Serpentine Belt - 60,000 miles 
  • Brake Fluid - Every 2 years 
  • Coolant - Every 4 years
  • Spark Plugs - Replace at 40,000 miles
  • Air/Fuel Induction service - every 40,000 miles
  • Transmission service - every 40,000 miles

Call or email us anytime to check if your Mini is due for maintenance or if you would like to schedule an appointment.
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